Catty Parcel - Development Opportunity

Catty Parcel - Development Opportunity
Village Owned Parcel - Downtown TIF District
Adaptive Re-Use or Redevelopment of the Catty Building and Property 
11117 South Church Street, Huntley IL, 60142 
Huntley Downtown TIF District

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High Profile Building in the Heart of Downtown Huntley Ready for Redevelopment
The Village of Huntley is negotiating with  a qualified developer to rehabilitate/redevelop the former Catty Corporation building located at 11117 S. Church Street in Downtown Huntley.   The Village envisions a redevelopment project that will be sensitive to the historic and architectural importance of the downtown as well as complementing and expanding upon the area’s continuing redevelopment. 

The Village acquired the property in 2017.  It is located in the Downtown TIF District established in January, 2013.  Situated on the northwest corner of Church Street and Mill Street, the Catty site is 380 feet south of the Town Square.  The parcel is approximately 2.83 acres in size and has 200 feet of frontage along Mill Street and 300 feet of frontage along Church Street.  The 33,100 square foot building consists of an original two-story structure and a mix of several single and two story additions.  

Development Overview and Supporting Documents
Detailed site information and project overview of the Catty site can be found in the link below.  Supporting exhibits are also included. 
Development Opportunity - Catty Site (site info and project overview)   
Backup Documentation: 
Exhibit A - Downtown Revitalization Plan 
Exhibit B - Historic Photos 
Exhibit C – Property Survey  
Exhibit D – PIN Map 
Exhibit E – Asbestos Inspection Report  (Asbestos abatement completed as of May, 2021)
Exhibit F – Lead Based Paint Inspection Report 
Exhibit G – IEPA NFR Letter 
Exhibit H – Dewberry Facility Assessment 
Exhibit I – Building Codes and Amendments