Commercial Sites - North

Commercial Sites - North
The northern Route 47 corridor features several vital cross streets such as Algonquin Road and Reed Road, and is surrounded by numerous residential subdivisions.
Many commercial developers have found it beneficial to have a presence on both the northern and southern portions of the Route 47 corridor. For instance, Jewel-Osco, Walgreens, McDonald's, Jimmy John's, and Dunkin Donuts all have two establishments in Huntley; one on the south side near Sun City, Huntley Corporate Park, and the full interchange and one on the north side near the young families, a major school campus, the Downtown and the 128 bed Northwestern Medicine Huntley Hospital medical campus.  
Jewel opened their second Huntley location just north of Reed Rd on Route 47, construction was completed late 2020.

Huntley - Route 47 Corridor - North - Available Sites    
 Project/Brochure Developer /Project Location 
18K SF Available Huntley Shopping Center (Bakley) Rt 47, south of Reed
1,400 - 3,000 SF Avail Wing Pointe - retail space Dundee Rd & Haligus
1.3 Acre Lot Marlowe site - Downtown TIF  Rt 47, north of Main
Medical Office Space Northwestern Medicine, Medical Office Building Algonquin/Haligus
1400 SF retail lease space Reed's Corner multi tenant bldg with Starbucks anchor Rt 47, north of Reed
15 Acre Lot Site available for mixed-use development Rt 47, north of Reed
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Map of the northern section of Huntley's Route 47 corridor

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