Business Parks and Industrial

Business Parks and Industrial
Huntley offers over 200 acres of developed business park land.  This includes several high quality Business Parks and Office settings with wide variety of sites available.  The table below lists the major project sites.  Be sure to visit the property search portal to see all the available sites.  

Office / Business Park / Industrial - Available Sites



Broker Contact 

Huntley Corporate Park  (Horizon)

29.7+/- Acres east of Route 47, north of Freeman Road. 
For Sale or Build to Suit 

Phil Waters, Horizon Group, 847-292-1875

Huntley Corporate Park  (Entre)

13801 George Bush Court | 40,000-177,270 SF

13800 George Bush Court | 40,800 SF

Jim Dhamer Drive along I-90 Mike Gazzola 847-310-4277
Dan Benassi 847-310-4298

Huntley Commercial Center

East of Route 47 at Freeman Road, parallel to I-90

Mark Deady 773-957-1443

Huntley Business Park Land 

339 Acres  
SWC Route 47 at I-90

Tony Gange 630-573-7030

Venture Park 47

Speculative new construction. west of Route 47 on Jim Dhamer.  729,823 SF
(divisible to 350,000 SF)

Brian Kling 847 698 8223
Reed Adler 847 384 2810

Route 47 & Jim Dhamer Drive - 5 acres

North of I-90 West of 47

Adam Haefner 847 637 0704

11916 Smith Court - 6,000 SF

East of 47, North of Kreutzer

Heather Schweitzer 847.854.2300 x15

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